Nursing in Nepal -with SatSom

Kathmandu – The entrance examination for Nursing license is right on the corner with only a couple hundred seats available. If you academically qualify in the examination you get to

Kavre’s new medical haven: Bhomi Hospital

kthmandu – On the recent rise of Covid-19, medical institutes have suffered and gained a lot. With dedicated health workers working on the line around the clock for the service

Cardiovascular Disease in Nepal : Detection, Treatment and Prevention

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in developing countries like Nepal. Most of these deaths are preventable if heart disease risk factors are detected and treated in

Stress and ‘Your Heart’

Everyone feels stress in different ways and reacts to it in different ways. How much stress you experience and how you react to it can lead to a wide variety

Angina (Chest Pain) – How to recognize?

Chest Pain due to heart reason is angina Dr. Om Murti Anil, Senior cardiologist, Kathmandu, Nepal | Angina is chest pain or discomfort caused when your heart muscle doesn’t get

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Catch the signs early Don’t wait to get help if you experience any of these heart attack warning signs. Some heart attacks are sudden and intense. But most start slowly,

India gifted 2K Vials of ‘Anti-Covid Medicine Remdesivir’ to Government of Nepal

Livemandu | On 15 September, Ambassador Vinay M. Kwatra handed over 2000 vials of Remdesivir to Foreign Affairs Minister of Nepal H.E. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gyawali on behalf of the

COVID-19 & its impact on different aspects: Prof. Dr. Pashupati Chaudhary

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a global health crisis that has a deep impact on the world and everyday lives. Humans are inherently social beings, so they

Everything you need to know about Corona Virus?

Unprecedented in the history of mankind, Corona is now a synonym of fear and death. Everyone is in the pursuit of gathering information on corona however, fake and irrelevant news/

Doctor’s advice about corona virus

1. It is pretty large in size (cell is about 400-500nm diameter), so any normal mask (not just the N95 feature) should be able to filter it out. However, when