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Chinese Chan-Tea Musical Concert Nepal

Music guide towards peaceful mind and soul. It breaks the language barrier and unites human differences. Chinese Chan-Tea musical concert in Nepal was organized to spread happiness and blissfulness as

Journey from Thousands to Million

In the scenario where many Nepali youths are choosing a life abroad, so many entrepreneurs here back in Nepal are doing something praiseworthy. All of us have dreams of course

Gandhi Jayanti in Nepal

The world holds the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi and it’s his ideology on non-violence that has shaped different practices on humanity. “Gandhi Today: Relevancy of Gandhi” was organized by Centre

Top 5 things we are doing wrong in our daily life
Top 5 things we are doing wrong in our daily life

Suyog Dhakal-These are the top 5 things we are doing wrong daily or let’s say top 5 things yet to be right in our daily routine. Maybe you didn’t know

love latter
A letter to my ex

Dear Ex, I still remember you, sometimes! For the first time I met you, an anonymous force created love gravity. Relation string was discomposed but still some leftovers of that

education system
Where are we ?

Well to quote superman ” With great power comes great responsibilities”, I believe there is no bigger responsibility than to spread correct education and no such power as the power

Justice Delayed? Or Justice Unheard?

Brigid Shrestha- 25 November is the day marked as an international day for elimination of violence against women. It is such a pity that even on the day as such,

stop violence
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

It is quite natural to feel attracted towards the opposite gender but attraction should not lead to any violence. Love is never forceful. We are more in need of a

The Forgotten knitted sweaters

Sweaters as we call it, are one of the most reliable companions sharing warmth in the winters. Only a few of us might not have worn hand knitted sweaters in

Guru Nanak Jayanti

There are Gurudwars in many places of Nepal where programs are organized in the memory of Guru Nanak. There is a Gurudwar in Kupondole where enthusiastic participation of people following