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जिवनशैलीगत रोगहरु

हाम्रो पूर्ववतः सोचाई, रोग भनेको शरीरमा लाग्छ, नसा, हड्डि, आँखा, हात, खुट्टा, मुटु, फोक्सो लगायत अगंहरुमा भन्ने मान्यता हामीमा छ, जून धेरै हदसम्म सही पनि हो । शरीरनै रोग को

Practice Basic Meditation and Relieve Stress in Just 30 Minutes

Meditation is the whole secret to a beautiful mind. It helps to control your emotions and conquer mastery over it. Our mythology and traditional history unfolds  golden soil where it

3 Signs Your Body Needs Meditation

There are times in our life when we get tired of life and its routine. The daily life keeps us so engrossed and buried that at the darkest hour of