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photonepal ( campaign is a special platform to exhibit photographs of all including potterer and professional alike and building business

फोटो नेपाल गत ४ वर्षदेखि नेपाल पर्यटन वोर्डले आयोजनागर्ने फोटो प्रदर्शनी हो, यस प्रदर्शनीमा बिभिन्न ठाँउ बिशेष, संस्कृति र समुदाय

Nepal Tourism Board has been organizing #photoNepal event every month starting first Friday. Keeping the ritual intact new series of

Danny, who was born in Belgium is a photographer and is fond of Nepal. Due to Danny’s love towards Nepal,

#photoNepal February session at NTB exhibited pictures on Manaslu region taken by renowned photographer Mr. Laxmi Prasad Ngakhushi at the