A festival for the Sun; Chhath

Sun is probably the first biggest, brightest and magnificent object observed by the mankind. With its prolific impact upon everything that stays in the planet, every motion and emotions are somehow related with sun. What could be as important as the mighty sun? 

Without the warmth and brightness, this earth would just an ice coated ball underneath darkness. Sun sustains life and the festival of “Chhath” is how Nepal thanks Sun for its contribution. 

Entire Nepal and India is observing the setting and rising sun and offering auspicious prayers and devotions to the sun, the festival is called Chhath. Chhath is the cultural manifestation of the importance of sun where a devotee offers his/her prayers to sun from underneath a river or pond. Since thousands of years, this festival has been advocating for the preservation of nature, natural resources and bio diversity. 


“Chhath” is one of the biggest and important festival in eastern culture. As per the Yogic school of thought, the existence and sustainability of life depends upon the highly advanced energy and consciousness channels. Chhath is the process of undergoing through spiritual cosmic solar energy infusion to realize, assimilate and acknowledge the energy and consciousness. A devotee will not intake any solid or liquid foods, and he/she will entirely depend on the sunlight for the required energy for the body function. Everyone can take the fast of Chhath irrespective of gender, caste or other fragmentation. The reflection of rising and setting sun in the water source and the immaculately decorated praying avenues on the banks, Chhath communicates purity and compassion. 

Chhath is something bigger to the orthodox religious pilgrimage, it’s a way of life.For the harvest, clouds, warmth, energy, brightness, gravity, eclipse and every other things, Chhath is dedicated to the mighty sun. For the believers, Sun is a living source of energy whom they acknowledge through their own rituals. 

Only during sunrise and sunset majority of humans can safely receive the solar energy. However, there may be some exceptions. This is why the festival Chhath Puja features a tradition of offering Chhath to the sun in late evening and early in the morning.

You can see the Chhath pictures in the given link Photo Nepal  , This link redirects you to the digital platform “Photo Nepal”, Photo Nepal is a digital window where you can have a brief glimpse of Nepal through photos. 

Nepal observes Chhath with its prayers and wishes. The Chhath hymns apparently requests the sun to be equally kind for everyone. Chhath considers the whole planet as a single home and prays for the protection and prosperity of the entire globe and galaxy. 

Happy Chhath Pooja 

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Suyog Dhakal

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