Royal Family & the Budhanilkanta

Continuing to today’s date Royal Family aren’t allowed to visit Budhanilkanta “Narayanthan Temple!!!” It’s somehow a matter of thinking right?

Having heard that I decided to visit Narayanthan Temple also known as Budhanilkantha Temple which is situated below the Shivapuri Hill at the northern end of the Kathmandu Valley. So my journey begins here from Ratnapark. The distance between Ratnapark to Narayanthan Temple was approximately 10.1 km, which took me around half hour to reach there. And here I am standing in front of the gate of the Temple. Due to Corona Virus (Covid-19) we weren’t permitted to touch the statue of Lord Vishnu. But I can see there was a big statue of Lord Vishnu sleeping on a bed of Nagas or serpents in the middle of a small pond which is also considered the largest stone carving in Nepal. This statue is 5m long carved out of a single rock dates back to the Lichhavi period. The Lichhavis ruled the valley before being ousted by the Malla dynasty, which in turn were conquered by King Prithivi Narayan Shah.

According to the story, back in the time of King Prithivi Narayan Shah. There were a farmer and his cow, his cow always used to go to the same location and give milk while the farmer used to work on his field. The milk-giving process continues for a week then farmer was surprised by the behavior of the cow and one day he decided to dig the field where his cow used to give the milk. As he started digging the field his plow struck a boulder, and to his next surprise, blood started oozing out of the cut in the stone which was the nose of Lord Vishnu as you can see his nose is straight in the picture. Upon digging around the huge boulder, he unearthed the magnificent image of the reclining Vishnu that had remained buried in the ground.

And the reason Kings don’t visit this Temple is Kings are also called by the name of Narayan. One day being heard about this statue King went to visit but shockingly when the King entered the Temple stone craving Nagas appeared to be real and followed the King everywhere. From that incident, Kings don’t visit this Temple however same statue was built in Kavre for King Visit. It is still believed there are Nagas available somewhere in the depth of the pond.

After being heard everything I felt like this are the reason why our country is rich and unique in term of rituals, heritage, culture and many more. On December 25 we celebrate as a Marga Sukla (Mokshada) which is also an Ekadashi. And we have to protect our heritage as we are the pillar of our nation. And the reason I am writing this article this I want everyone to know the interesting fact about our heritage and preserve it.

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