6 Reasons Nepali Nurses are choosing Satsom for their license entrance preparation.

Studying online is not just a simplification of the learning process but this is also the right of every student. Talking about Nurses, this noble profession’s path is challenging. The nursing licensing exam is the bridge between your study and professional life, Satsom’s pursuit is to assist you in this regard in a smart way. For several decades, Nurses have withstood the core of humanity in battlefields, accident spots or at any adverse conditions, Nepali Nurses have also crafted a rich and admirable history and now you are also a part of it. Welcoming newer negation of Nepali nurses into professional life by simplifying their license entrance pursuits, Satsom could be your best companion for the success in licensing.

1. The study should be scientific and accessible as per the convenience of students. Nepali nurses will now study smart with satsom, this is indeed your ideal way to prepare for your nursing licensing exams. Not everyone has easy access to institutes and even if they do their classes should be best complemented by e-learning. Satsom delivers this freedom, freedom to study on their convenience, their timings and know their performance and chances of cracking entrance exams by appearing mock tests.

2. Conceptual understandings
Satsom provides unlimited access to top-notch lectures of any subjects/topics of nursing, chapter-wise practice tests, explanations, discussion forums and what not? .We have video lectures and as well as 5000 plus questions and dozen above sets of MOCK Tests.

3. Test-taking
Students can appear practice tests, timed tests and test series anytime, anywhere. Students can have a report for every exam. And there will be an instant and detailed analysis of every test.

4. Analytics
Students can get the timed report and their scores are compared to average and toppers. So that they could know their daily progress. To make it more detailed there’s also a Daily report chart.

5. Complete online guide
Satsom is a complete online guide to your nursing career pursuit, grab the top-notch lecture notes or study from videos, appear practice tests or set a timed test for yourself, access to instant details and know your own probability of getting through the real-life license exams. Satsom empowers your clinical reasoning skills and makes you a smart nurse.

5. Study Global, Study online
If the world is studying online is saving time as well as money then why wouldn’t you try e-learning? Simplify your learning process by learning for a global career. Welcoming you into the world of smart nursing.

Thank you!
Samjhana Thapa Bhandaree
Content Director: Satsom Nursing

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