Students can make good use of the lock down using their mobile phones

Niya Sharma is a class 12 student, her lockdown diary is slightly different from other teenagers.

Another student Anupa, who spends most of her time on the internet, mobile, laptop, and TV after not being able to go out in the lockdown, also conducts her academic studies online. They can easily view what the teachers have taught in the classroom and the syllabus, lecture notes, exam papers, video lectures, and instant test reports on her mobile or computer. This collaboration with technology has helped and enabled Anupa and her friends a lot. This technology has not only helped Anupa and many of her friends but has also encouraged them to read more.

Due to this technology-friendly study with enthusiasm, it has become not only a restriction but also an opportunity for Anupa to work.

Anupa, a student of a well-known Nami college in Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu, has set aside some time to spend on the net every day. Net and gadgets are not always bad or distracting, they think.
She says it is very effective to be able to read, discuss, and give mock checks online while maintaining social distance during such lockouts.

Similarly, Pratik Dhakal, who has completed class 12 at Orchid College, Biratnagar, cannot always come to Kathmandu to take the MBBS preparation class, but he regularly attains BP, IOM, Indian NEET-UG, Kathmandu University, and other mock exams every day through e-learning system. They also discuss what they don’t understand and find solutions online immediately.
Looking at the possibility of getting a name in the exam by looking at his daily progress percentage, Rajan says that both confidence and knowledge have increased in this year’s MBBS entrance exams. Rajan is a friend of Pratik, they both share a common dream of becoming a doctor.

He thinks that reading like this is more effective during the lockdown, as there will be a lot of competition in MBBS entrance, he hopes to crack exam this year as he has been able to prepare smart from time to time. However, due to the lockdown, the 11th and 12th class exams have also been shifted, so the date of MBBS and engineering entrance exams are not likely to be postponed much.

All of these students and their colleges are members of the largest e-learning family in Nepal, with more than 6,000 plus 2 science faculty students studying daily. This online structure is called Satsom.

Through this technology, students of Plus 2 Science are also studying for the preparation of the nursing license exam to be taken by the Nepal Nursing Council.

SATSOM has provided the system free of cost to all its registered students keeping in view the desire and right of the students to study and prepare for the entrance exam during the lockdown. By going to, students will be able to register and verify the message in their email and access thousands of multiple-choice questions, video lectures, mock exams, lecture notes and more for free

Let’s join Nepal’s largest E-Learning family, shall we? 

How to use Satsom?


Educational institutions take time to open, this is the anticipated truth. Many things are about to change in the post-Corona world, including our teaching methods that have not changed for hundreds of years, the educational structures including classroom desks and benches, school formats, textbooks, and homework assignments.

Corona has wreaked havoc in the millennium, with the possibility that the structures of the world and society could take a leap forward in a new form.

Now let’s focus on the future of the next generation and mainly in the field of education. Has lockdown made Luck-down in the study and dreams of our future generations as well? If so, this lockdown is not only Lockdown but also LuckTime is not LockDown! Luck means destiny, and this time of captivity will also restrict destiny?

It is often said that parents have been conquered by the generation that lives on mobile phones, but have we been able to provide educational facilities to these generations online?
The time has come for us to think, is it possible for our children to use technology just to play games, watch videos and listen to songs, or to have the opportunity to read and learn new things?

Has Nepal’s teaching system changed over time? Has the Nepali teaching method been able to focus on the essence of online and technology-friendly learning?

The main thing that our college administrators and parents need to understand is that we can’t fight with technology or find a connection with technology, we need to keep pace with technology.

Studying online makes it easy to read, technology-friendly, easy to understand when you need it, and easy to understand what you read in school or college at home. Out of thousands of question papers, even a hundred may not pass the test, but to do well in the test, it is necessary to read and prepare all the questions. Technology has made this process easier, but we, the leaders and parents of Nepali teaching, have turned a blind eye

Students are indoors at the time of lockdown, a teenager’s lockdown diary can contain Facebook, YouTube, games, tickets, movies, and SATSOM is also required to continue their studies.

Especially the students who dream of becoming doctors and engineers and registered nurses and now all the students studying in Plus 2 Science should take advantage of this opportunity to become a successful part of Nepal’s largest online reading family. College closed no problem, SATSOM is always open for people here.

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