Moomin Valley Returns

How many of you remember the Moomins? The Moomins made our childhood awesome, didn’t they? Desperately waiting for the ‘Baal Samachar‘, an informative show for kids back then, to end so that one could enjoy the cartoon on NTV Channel was bliss. Back then, the trend of using internet was not as common as it is now. Having a television was a huge thing in itself. A very few people of rich families used to have television in their houses. At that time, Moomins was the only show that brought together the kids of many families. Regardless of what caste, creed, culture or economic status they belonged to, they’d still gather around together to enjoy the cartoon.

The Moomins are actually a family of white, round fairy tale characters with large snouts that make them resemble hippopotamuses. The family lives in a breathtakingly beautiful Moominvalley in the cartoon. The carefree and adventurous family indeed took us through many adventures and thrills during the show.
The Moomins suddenly stopped being telecast. The kids would still wait for that time in the week when Moomins would come but it never came again. The characters like ‘Sanumaya’, a mischievous, brave, down to earth, clumsy, spunky little girl,in the Moomin house,’ Moomin’, the little boy and the main protagonist of the show,’ Moomin Ba’, Moomin’s dad, ‘Moomin Aama’, Moomin’s mom, ‘Sniff’, the kangaroo, ‘Snufkin’, Moomin’s best friend, ‘Snork Maiden’, Moomin’s girlfriend,’Snork’, Snorkmaiden’s brother, ‘Hambulin Baa’, the botanical explorer and ‘Stinky’, the little nosy porcupine made the cartoon more lively.

The Childhood Family is again coming back soon in 2019 as a TV series. You’re never too old to watch your favorite cartoons again after all. No wonder, this cartoon has lots of nostalgic memories among Nepali kids. Are you ready to revisit your childhood?

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