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Lest We Forget                      

Brigid Shrestha
Brigid Shrestha

Often times, the first casualty of war has been truth. The brutal rape case that shook the whole country might have taken a similar turn but thanks to all the heroes who are constantly fighting for justice. While all the media became ‘Nirmalacentric’, we somewhat could not focus on the brutality of the consequences of the issue. The casualties of the protest that happened in Kanchanpur are still suffering. From the demise of 17 years old Sunny Khuna, a resident of Bhagatpur to two seriously wounded (Arjun Bhadra and Surendra Deuba) among 24 total wounded, the aftermaths of the Nirmala rape and murder case is as crucial as the issue itself. Most of the media surficially presented the case but did not do an in depth analysis of the issue and its consequences.

Lest We Forget Kanchanpur diaries is an event which is a remembrance for Sunny Khuna and a fundraising event for two casualties of the protest against Nirmala rape and murder case. The collected funds shall help the families to re-establish their income source. The fight for justice from their side shall always be remembered. The opening of the event shall be done by Cobweb followed by the performances of hyped bands like 1974 A.D., Albatross, Mukti and revival, Joint Family International, Newaz, Space, Kazuki JJ, ASM and Blues Co.The event starts sharp at 12:00 p.m. on 29th of December at Moksh Lounge, Jhamsikhel. Some renowned figures like Richa Sharma, Aashish Syangden and others would be attending the event. The ticket price of this musical event is Rs.500 which transparently will be donated for the economic upliftment of the suffered families.

Among the seriously wounded 2, the first casualty isArjun Bhadara, an 18 year old boy who got shot on his leg. When taken to hospital, no immediate treatment was provided since it was a police case. After being rushed to Kathmandu, Bhadara didn’t receive medical treatment for about 7 hours straight. Due to insufficient blood flow and reduced oxygen supply, Bhadara suffered from cerebral hypoxia. The portion below his knee got amputated and he went through coma. His recovery period is still uncertain. It’s been 15 years to his dad’s demise and there are lots of financial constraints for his single mother who runs a small tea shop in Kanchanpur. His elder brother left his studies so that Arjun could study. He sells mobile covers and does similar works.They live in a rented house and the rented tea shop is the only stable source of family income. Arjun had his engineering entrance exam in one week when the incident took place.

The second casualty, Surendra Deuba belongs to a financially poor family as well. He had been shot on leg where the bullet has penetrated his inner thighs and made an exit wound on the other side of the same thigh. Also, he had been shot on the left shoulder where the shrapnel of led bullets are still stuck.

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