Srijana Devkota: a lady with her favourite frequency

Srijana Karki Devkota is a renowned Nepali Radio Jockey (RJ) who has made a mark in the media industry with her captivating radio shows. With more than 18 years of experience in the field, she has amassed a significant fan following of loyal listeners.

Her journey in the industry began at Radio Birgunj 99 MHz in 2001 AD, and she went on to work with Radio Audio and Image FM before eventually landing at Radio Kantipur FM, where she currently serves as an active RJ.

Srijana’s shows, such as “Sathi Sangi”, “High Speed”, “Holiday Masti”, “Griha Sringhar”, “Melody Time”, and “Sadabahar Sangeet”, are popular for their diverse range of topics and a blend of music, interviews, and commentary. During her tenure at Radio Birgunj 99 MHz, she gained prominence as a skilled RJ, and her shows resonated with the audience.

With her expertise and captivating personality, Srijana has become a prominent figure in the Nepali media industry. Her dedication to the craft and her loyal fan following make her an inspiring figure for aspiring RJs in the country.

Apart from being a successful RJ, Srijana Karki Devkota has garnered a growing fan base on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Her online presence allows her to share updates about her work as an RJ, and also provides insights into her personal life and interests.

Srijana’s lively persona, her vast experience as an RJ, and her significant influence on social media have made her a highly respected and revered figure in the Nepali media industry. Her loyal fan base and impressive following are a testament to her impact on the industry and the people she reaches.

She obtained her fashion diploma from IIFT in Kathmandu and chose to pursue a career in fashion design. When asked about her hobbies and interests, she revealed her love for wearing her own creations for special occasions and events. She also shared her fascination for using a microphone, which encourages her to discuss a range of topics that she enjoys, such as women’s issues, lifestyle, music, and food.


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