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People have addressed that they stopped watching television a long time ago because taking time out of their busy schedule to stick to a particular show at a particular time was not practical enough. Internet gives them flexibility of watching what they want according to their convenience. Consumer behavior is changing considering all young and old, poor and rich- is hooked to their phone screens. When we talk about online streaming one popular word would be “Netflix” (streaming service that allows our customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices) and now it has become a mainstream millennial culture.

In context of Nepal, web series have surfed in on the wave of tablet and laptop viewing. Only 55% of millennial use TV as their primary viewing devices. The major reason why web series are preferred over TV is because of their versatility and flexibility. TVs are a little complicated to join and they are not portable at all while on the other hand web series are portable and flexible as they can be viewed in smallest devices like laptops and mobile phones. Therefore, TV is being ditched at a faster rate ever than before.
With the growing popularity of web series in Nepal, Bodhi HD, an entertainment based company has recently released Nepal’s first SCI-FI web series shot with phone, SMS IN TIME.

Arnav is the youngest scientist from Nepal, introverted to the extent that he never seeks a company. He follows the same routine everyday; going to a café, reading condolences in Newspapers, collecting pictures of deceased people and searching his father in those pages and reading the same old book- “The Time Machine” until he meets Paru. Yes, this is indeed a love story but not an ordinary one. He falls in love with Paru who is rebel in nature but their differences made them similar to each other. Paru dies due to her smoking habit. This web series explores Arnav’s sadness and his will to build a time machine to save her.
Throughout his journey of building a time machine he doesn’t know what is happening parallely and he is uncertain of what might happen next. Let’s join this journey of a young aspiring boy who wants to get back to his loved ones and save them.

-Archeesa Aryal

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