Top 5 prototyping tools

Prototyping is essential part of any digital design it is a fully functional replication of a product , built to test a concept and to take review from customers. This is the one of the key step of creating sample of a product . which helps to find weakness of a product in short period of time with less effort which makes product more productive & efficient in real world market. This article cover only top 5 web and mobile app prototyping tools .

1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is published by Adobe inc. It is vector-based designing tool and prototyping great user experience for web and mobile application.It is easy to use and comes with various tools and functionality ,basically there is two pages one for designing and another for prototyping .Let’s talk about designing part in this section you have complete control over your design you can create your own icon ,shape and it is completely customizable now coming into prototyping it this part you can give your design user experience keeping in mind (user centered design) you have to give a flow to your design ,so adobe xd have great function like auto transition which helps you to create sliding effect ,overlapping function which makes your design more user friendly.You can download adobe xd and get started by watching tutorials. And share your design with public and developers which help you to enhance your designing skill.

2. Sketch

Sketch is for Apple and mac lovers it is proprietary vector graphics editor which means Sketch file is only be created or edited with Sketch.which was developed by the Dutch company Bohemian Coding.In this you use plugins which minimize you type while building your design.we all like seeing our work in action with full functionality and by spending less time and work .Once you’ve created a prototype you can preview it directly in Sketch, test it on iOS Sketch Mirror, and share it with clients or colleagues by uploading to Sketch Cloud.If you prefer a more hands-on approach, they’ve created a handy tutorial template to help you learn how Prototyping works. You’ll find it in the Templates section of the Welcome Window when you open Sketch,this is little
Bit advance though must of professional prefer this as a prototyping tool, you can download sketch and started by watching these tutorials.

3. is an prototyping tool and was developed by the Labs Division of SNQ Digital on 2011.This is famous for his unique feature which is, it prototype application for anything with screen interface like Smart tv, digital camera interfaces,car, airplanes, and gaming console, which make an big advantage, not only a good design it gives a real feel of your final app with no coding only drag and drop.So get started download and follow this tutorial.

4. Axure rp

Axure RP is a wireframing, rapid prototyping, software tool aimed at web and desktop applications.With drag and drop placement, resizing, and formatting of widgets.which was develop by Axure Software Solutions this works in both operating system mac and windows(cross platform).this helps you to quick wireframing you idea into digital copy. Easy to use quick wireframe But prototyping in this is tedious work it takes a long time to prototype in compare to adobe xd, sketch and Get started download and tutorial.

5. Webflow

Webflow is a application that gives designers to build responsive websites with elegant looks without any coding knowledge.The main motive of this application is to allows designers to accomplish most aspects of web development, using this tool as a web developer is very beneficial due to his awesome feature while designing you page it automatically generates html ,css and js, which makes work easy, so anyone can create a responsive site without specific knowledge in html, css, js.Get started download webflow and use 15 day free trial and tutorial .

-Kshitiz Ghimire

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