Increasing Influence of China in Madhesh and Madheshi Parties

Regarding Madhesh there’s a general concept that Madhesh is close to India. But when we look at the reality of citizens residing in Madhesh, we can easily understand their displeasure with India. Their anger is on emotional level upper than political level. The fact is that the condition of Madheshi is always vibrant. One side of the country has always been disrespecting Madheshi by calling out with names of Bihari or Indian due to which Madheshi citizens need to give a proper proof about their nationality to prevent themselves from identity crisis. Due to this Madheshi are always misbehaved and they expect brotherhood and affection but that doesn’t happen. For its development whatever Madhesh expects from India, the help and support is shown in a negligible and in a lesser degree. And this is how the general citizens feel emotionally attacked. But the playground of politics is far distant from emotions. Here opportunities are preserved not emotions.

Contrary to this assumption, today’s situation is showing some different environment, where the change in the scenario is visible. Till yesterday, those who were solely blamed for being uptight with India are now closer to China. Few days back, the 20-member team of Federal Socialist Forum’s Deputy Speaker Renu Yadav had gone to China. It was probably the first time that so many leaders of a single party went on a trip to China. But Rajapa has not joined this till now.

Every member of the party has been going on a visit to China after being elected, but Rajapa has remained free from this temptation till now. Even after receiving the invitation, they have been avoiding this; perhaps they have had goodwill towards India. But there seems to be a change in the present.  Even though the journey had not taken place, the relationship between Rajapa and the leaders of China is gradually getting better. Behind this mindset, there might be the slow pace of development of Madhesh or it is simply disillusionment, but it seems obvious that their state of mind is changing. The order of the Chinese Embassy of Madhesi leaders has also increased and Chinese projects and grants are being taken for the development of Madhesh. If you look at the past, then the leaders of Madhesh were hesitant before taking Chinese grants, but that situation no longer exists. When Madhesh was going through Koshi’s havoc and at the time, the supporting hands were extending from all sides, even when China had sought the support of distributing relief material for President Mahapal Thakur of Nepal, then Chairman Thakur is not immediately agreed on this subject.

However, later they agreed and also got cooperation. Then it was also discussed that there was also the consent of the Indian Embassy behind this agreement. Regardless of the matter, it is clear that, the assistance which was earlier taken internally and secretly is being taken openly today. This is an indication of change. However, while analyzing Rajapa is not found as close as Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum is with China.

Dr. Rajiv Jha, who lives in China, is believed to be the architect of what has been changing in relations between Madhesh and China. According to sources, Dr. J., who is the director of ‘China Nepal Friendship Medical Research Center’, is in constant contact with the Nepalese leaders of Rajapa Nepal and has been working towards strengthening this relationship, which has given him success to a large extent. Dr. Jha is also considered close to the President, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Another important issue of this close-up is the constitution amendment too. Constitution Ammendment is an important issue of all parties directed towards Madhesh. This has not been possible till date. For which no assurance has been received by the Prime Minister. For the constitution amendment, the Prime Minister has said that the Constitution amendment has become a trend. But on this sensitive issue, it is believed that the Chinese people have got assurance to take initiative, which is an important element of being closer to them. By the way, this assurance was also received from India, but the success has not been in hand till today. Political analysts believe that Rajapa leaders are disillusioned in this matter; they have started to feel that their identity is on stake and they are getting only disappointment from whom they had lots of expectations. Therefore, they are headed towards China because it is well known that the present government is closer to China. Therefore, it is expected that constitution reform may be possible if China initiates it. For which Madhesh is looking for the path of development, it is in a position to take benefits with anyone, and from this point of view, the changing mindset of the Madhesi parties is considered to be topical.

Content extracted from Himalini Hindi Magazine from Nepal

Translated by: Archeesa Aryal

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