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Chanda is a passionate English teacher from Kathmandu. Mother of an 18-month old son and 8-year-old daughter, she seems to have unlimited energy to support others around her. Her life was as normal as any of ours — until she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer recently. She is currently under treatment in New Delhi, due to lack of key medicines needed for her case in Nepal. Treatment in India would also greatly increase the chance of saving her voice during surgery. That touched the teachers among them even more. Doctors have said that hers is a treatable case, and they have scheduled the next big steps in chemo and radiotherapy. As those of us who grew up in Nepal know, there is no health insurance in our part of the world. So, going for an intense, long-term treatment abroad has not only added a whole lot of challenges to a young family. It is saddling them with insurmountable debt. Together, we might be able to make a difference.

With a request from Chanda, three people–Mangal Tamang her former classmate, and her former teachers Shyam Sharma and Prakash Subedi–decided to create this initiative for supporting her. This initiative might save the life of a teacher, a mother and a friend. A website called Gofundme is currently hosting this campaign. The main target is to collect $10,000 out of which $1,480 has been collected by 19 people in just two days.  We can also contribute for this cause and your help will be truly appreciated.

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