Seven Days Seven Features All New Features of Hamro Patro

Seven is a lucky number; SaptaRishi, SaptaKoshi, seven clors of rainbow, seven days of a week and now Seven new features of your beloved Hamro Patro. We have been introducing you to various new features that will make your lifestyle easier. Let’s rewind a little bit and summarize all these new changes in Hamro Patro.

The first feature was that Hamro Patro is now available in Nepali, Bhojpuri and Maithali languages and there is an option to change the news or content to any desired language. It is a matter of proud that Hamro Patro is now able to touch the hearts of people from Kathmandu valley to the plains of Terai. It has something for everyone.

Second feature was something that blended creativity, technology and convinience perfectly. To uplift their user experience, they have come up with various themes and the users can select theme according to their preference. It has light theme, dark theme and an auto theme. These themes raise battery performances, user’s comfort that further create less burden for user’s eyes.

We briefly described the smart way to view videos in our third day. The new generation may not be familiar with these things but the starting of video in Nepali community started from such decks, television news and TV serials. And now we can free ourselves from the burden of searching our desired video on YouTube and find it easily on Hamro Patro.

Why watch videos on Hamro Patro?

We spend a lot of time in YouTube searching videos from various sources and sometimes be the victim of spam and disturbing videos. Keeping this in mind, Hamro Patro is now introducing a new video watching experience within its app. Here we can find any kind of desired videos from news, reality shows, science, movies and entertainment in a spam free and nicer environment.

The forth feature was its events and notes menu addition. Now we can mark any day of the year which is important to us or if an important event is coming up and keep notes. We don’t have to forget important things or someone’s birthday anymore. Hamro Patro has you all covered. It will remind you of your important days in main menu in block letters. You can mark any days of the calendar and place it in the events and notes option.

Fifth feature was search and trending. We can search anything as per our desire and be updated in trending news. It provides an effective platform to search our desire things and also it has a facility of keeping our search history safe too.

On sixth day, we talked about personalization. We can watch news that we prefer and also personalize the source of news.  Hamro Patro serves you news from more than 40 sources. But the news from all these sources might not be enjoyed by all users so now we have a facility of personalization. And Hamro Patro has brought us a great user experience where we can choose the news we want to see.

In addition to all of these, it is also bringing some new things about web update and commenting system. The search and use of Hamro Patro is somehow equal n both app and web version. We can also see some new updates in the web address of Hamro Patro Now we can like, dislike, comment in the content of web version. All new features of Hamro Patro are available in web version except video feature. Weather forecast and updates were stopped in Hamro Patro but now it will be continued.

With this we come to an end of seven days, seven features of Hamro Patro. Hope everyone will enjoy all new features and have a great user experience with Hamro Patro.


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