Is soul a software too?

Discussions about genetic codes are in highlights right now. And steam cell and genetic codes are being studied globally. Recently, a person was affected by HIV, during his treatment process the major treatment element was steam cell and genetic codes.  Now computer codes are compared with the study of human life and human body but in case of soul there has not been any deep study. But if computer is computer code then should must be software, shouldn’t it?

This might be a humorous sentence but today we are comparing soul with software because no matter how advanced the computer is, without software it’s incomplete and unimportant. Similarly without our soul, our body resembles dead body. If we look at ourselves from the perspective of being a computer, we can actually compare our soul with CPU. Code decoder and memory differs with different type of CPU. CPU is different from the various other organs of body. Its activities are directional, artistic and different. The whole computer is directed and controlled by CPU. The CPU is connected with various digital units and it has a unique code with each logical gate. And such independent and unique units are called Minds.

Such logical units are connected with sensors, and we can consider those as our organs like nose, ears etc. Every input or commands are sent through the medium of sensor which is then decoded by minds and those decoded inputs are forwarded to CPU from which we get meaningful output. Now this is computer’s operating system. Similarly is our human body an operating system too? Primarily, is our soul software?

Whenever we talk about soul, we relate it with spiritualism and spiritualism with religion. Let’s start this discussion with few changes occurring in the world. These days many people are transforming themselves to atheistic in western countries. The new generation has started comparing religion with regret and burden. In 1970, only 5% of Americans were atheistic but now around 30% Americans are atheistic. And in new generation the rate is even higher. In countries like Iceland the government itself has considered religion as a weapon for public quarrel.

In this generation, belief towards gadget and technology is higher than belief in religion. Then comparing human soul with computer software is not a new thing to be shocked at. But in countries like China, India, Russia, the belief towards religion is not changed at all. Among 59% people of the world who call themselves religious, there are 80 million Christian in China itself. In comparison to countries with strong security, countries with weak social security are more influenced by religion. For example, in few advanced and developed countries of Europe which have good social security we can find people addressing the value of religion a lot less.

Okay let’s get back to CPU or body. CPU is one poor part because the after it gets the decoded input through minds and ILU, and if the input doesn’t match with the internal decode data of CPU, it gets lost and confused to follow the given commands. Or in simple language it gets in dilemma. If CPU’s experience, knowledge and pattern is less then it may take wrong decision.

Let’s take an example of a child whose hands were caught in a fire. The child doesn’t go near fire again after the first experience. Likewise, when CPU is compared with human brain, it takes decision according to previous experiences and the system starts learning and this process is Artificial Intelligence.

The world was considered world only when the inhabitants found words that would describe what world is. People believe in undesirable things within their inner level of heart such as soul, peace, knowledge, salvation etc. I borrow the opinions of writer George that without words there is neither world nor its existence. If we didn’t find words to describe world, the world wouldn’t be considered as world.  We have a nature of believing in unreliable things. Soul, difference between soul and body etc. Isn’t this belief similar to the part of computer which we can’t see or feel (software) that is important for the proper functioning of hardware?

Writer: Suyog Dhakal

Translated by Archeesa Aryal 

For Nepali version

के आत्मा पनि एउटा सफ्टवेयर हो ?

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