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Monica’s anecdote from America

An interview with Ms Monica Ghale (One among the participants of Miss Nepal North America), lets read to her anecdote and experience with Livemandu.

How would you like to introduce yourself?
– I’m Monica Ghale, originally from Lamjung, currently residing in New York. I’m a girl who has just begun to explore and know her inner capabilities to some extent. Being a Nepali, I see myself as generous and an adaptable person, yet timid in some ways. However, the fear factor has significantly decreased after my participation in Miss Nepal North America Pageant. Being a student, I believe in achieving what I aspire to with dedication and diligence. I live my life to the fullest and appreciate every bit of it.
How are you enjoying your victory?
– Miss Nepal North America is a once in a lifetime opportunity and was an entirely new experience for me. It still feels surreal but it has been overwhelmingly content to unravel my competence to myself and others as well. Acquiring the coveted crown was inconceivable first, but my hard-work and dedication paid off, which brings me great joy to have successfully finish what I had started.
What was the first thing that came to your mind after wearing the crown of MNNA?
– To be honest, the first thing I thought of was my mother who put so much effort and dedication during the entire process. And I felt relieved to show her that I was dedicated as much as she was. I sought her through the crowd and a jolly face stood out to me. It was like a soothing effect after a great amount of tough grind.
What do you think will be your biggest strength at MNNA group of similarly talented ladies? What do you think gives you an edge over others?
– Throughout this adventure, I did realize that my amazing sisters were equally competent and genial. Being able to exhibit myself genuinely was the first thing that stood out to me. Though not solitary, I find myself to be a committed person and embracing my abilities to its extent is what I think is my biggest strength till date. And I think not only MNNA but, this will help me in any future endeavors that I plan to bring on the table.

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