Nepal in Global Terrorism Index

The University of Maryland in America has created a report with Department of Homeland Security since last six years about the Global terrorism index, countries enrollment and risk of terrorism in those countries.
The position of Nepal in the list as per the report is a matter of surprise. This report has become a big talk in the world as it addresses world peace and benefits of world peace. This report includes the terrorist activities from 1998 BS to 2018 BS, number of terrorist organization and number of people dead due to terrorism.
It is estimated that the world has faced about 170 thousand terrorist attack since 1998. In the year 2016 and 2017, the rate of terrorist attack was decreased by 27%. According to facts and figures, 18814 people died due to terrorist attack in 2017 BS. Likewise, terrorism in Egypt and Somalia is increased by 123% last year and 93% this year.

Terrorist attack and impact of terrorism is widely seen in the countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan where the majority of terrorism is spread by groups like ISIS and ISIL. In past 18 years, bomb attacks and explosives including gunfire attacks are very high. Internal affairs, political reasons and selfishness are also evaluated to be the reasons of terrorism. Although no country or government has been able to find the clear definition and widespread of terrorism, this report has indexed that every country in every corner of this world is wrapped by this risk.
The risk and danger of terrorism in different countries is indicated by seven different colors in which Nepal is said to be in danger of third class. The reason stating how and why Nepal is placed with countries like Palestine, Burundi, Russia, Germany and Israel is still not open to the world. Iraq is declared to be at the highest risk with 9.746 score whilst Nepal is with 5.295. Despite the fact that Nepal has never been a victim of terrorist attack or even civil war, what is the reason behind placing Nepal in this category?

Nepal is placed in 33th position. Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria and Somalia are ahead of India. Countries like North Korea, Turkmenistan and Romania are not even included in this report but when we look at the terrorist discussion and lists, these countries are at high risk. This year, when we look at the overall graph Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia and Iraq are in front.
The terrorist organizations are divided into two groups on the basis of their risk and their hold in a particular region in which ISIL is stated to be in front. Powerful countries like America and Russia are coming for the terrorist group ISIS but during this time there was an effective outbreak of ISIL.
Besides ISIL, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and Taliban are counted as the four biggest terrorist organizations. Looking back at the terrorist attacks since 1998, following countries are kept at a high risk.
Central Africa
While measuring the situation of Nepal, it seems that the reasons like open border with India, civil war which took place a decade ago have made Nepal an open field for terrorism transit. In this report, there is no official comment or involvement of Nepal government. Nepal is also shown as the center of terrorist attack in Indian movies which is a hindrance for tourism promotion in Nepal. With the advent of this report, it cannot be said that Nepal’s tourism will remain unaffected.

Translated By Archeesa Aryal


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