Understanding Mental Health

“All that mind loves, matter

Tame it, drive its Felicity”

Mental health is  wealth. A Good mental health is a coveted victory. A good and healthy mind will drive over every projected and pulsated thoughts in the most righteous way. Everything that is strong and good and powerful in human nature comes out of mind. The development of healthy mind evolves intellectualism. A beautiful mind enjoys vogue of all emotions equally ,pleasure, sadness, and misery in the most prettiest way.

Everything in nature has layers of elasticity of emotions and its beauty.Fill the lacunae of your mind with sap of tempest inertia. Mental health is most importantly psychological ,emotional ,social well being. A healthy mind uncoils beautiful thoughts, actions and intuitions. The satisfactory integration of maturity and normality of healthy brain manifest its strength.

A beautiful and well nourished human mind always delivers good mood, humble thoughts.,proper behavior, and handsome decisions for life. It helps us to build social milieu and overcome the black downcast of our life.

Mental power and strength is all felicity and prowess.

A poor and dark mind is all stagnate, poisoned, and degenerated. It may be due to various accumulated reasons which may be life experience, biological factors etc. A active mind works to resist all evils and foul thoughts. A well balanced mind does the greatest amount and quality of work.A unhealthy mind is obsessed ,malaise and suffers anomaly, making our soul fragile and weak. The unhealthy mind fertilizes many diseases like blood pressure, heart attack, slows down activity of bodily functions and immune system.It too causes acne, muscle cramps, nerve breakdown, irritability, and most importantly saps our energy. Also our gut is very sensitive to what we feel deep down in your brain, anger,sadness,pleasure,joy or whatever is cushions in our mind.

Anxiety disorder, insomnia, borderline personality disorder, traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts and depression. A malnourished and unhealthy mind will push you into the jaws of these diseases.

All your actions will be magnified, transformed, defied,  by the very power of thoughts which trends in your mind.

Just for a fit and healthy mind-

Be natural-Love and communicate.

Be realistic -Don’t take much work pr emotional load that would leave exploited.

Be easy on criticism .

Be a raw foodist.

Be a lover unconditionally.

Be a good panda(sleep).



Your mind is pure and wonderful.Understanding mind and its beauty and mental health is power.  It’s all about what you germinate and feed it.An appropriate balance and conciliation of emotions will reflect good and healthy waves to unlock its possible potential and intensifies its power. The sensory reflections and it’s transformations to outer world depends on the healthiness of our mind. The ethical theories to healthy mind is only beautiful calmness, well managed emotions and thoughts.Control and Conquer it. Keep it healthy and happy .Take care and honor it.


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