Nepal and Bangladesh Agreement

An invitation from Bangladesh Embassy

Now Mashfee Binte Shams, the ambassador of Bangladesh to Nepal from last 5 years 6 months is the dean of Nepali diplomatic guild. Among all foreign representatives, there is a trend of making the representative that has been active and serving since a long time as the dean. And today we are writing from the Bangladesh embassy of Nepal. We are with the ambassador Mashfee Binte Shams.

From generations to generation, Nepali students are going to Bangladesh for studying medical science. Now, the field and subject of study have been spreading and Nepali students are going Bangladesh for better study of various new subjects. Bangladesh is very close to Nepal and if we follow the eastern Fulbari Marga, we can surely reach Bangladesh within few hours. Nonetheless, the commonness in art and culture between Nepal and Bangladesh is left unopened.

Nepal and Bangladesh have similarities from the months in their calendars to the roots of their language. Today Bangladesh isn’t its old self. We have been taking pioneer steps that dive us into development. Bangladesh can be a good spot for Nepali tourists. And Bangladesh ambassador was found interested to know more about the common findings between the art and culture.

Now let’s dive into the International Mother Language Day. On the occasion of International Mother Language Day (February 21, Thursday), Bangladesh embassy is organizing an interesting event. Every year, the world community celebrates International Mother Language Day on February 21, and its roots are associated with the Language Movement of the entire Bangladesh and suppression of the student movement.

After the breakthrough of 1947, the then leader Jinnah bonded Pakistan with the formula of language but Bengalis had love for Bengali language instead of Urdu. This movement done for Bengali language slowly became bigger and powerful due to which the government of 1952 started Curfew immediately. Early morning in Feb21, the students of Dhaka International started a movement against the language related statement in section 144. The slogan of the rally was; “Rastrobhasa Bangala Chahi” meaning we need Bengali as our national language. But during the oppression of police hundreds of language lover students died. Today they are called language soldiers. And in 1952 Language day was celebrated to remember the sacrifice of those hundreds of students. And in 1990 UNESCO) gave this day a recognition of International Language Day.  Today the world celebrates International Mother Language Day in February 21 in the remembrance of those language martyrs and their love towards Bengali language.

Like past years, Bangladesh embassy of Nepal is organizing a cultural program in which the popular and talented music bands of Bangladesh and Nepali band who have earned international fame will share the stage. Everyone is cordially invited to Bangladesh embassy in Basundhara (program starts from 3pm onwards). Bangladesh embassy invites you all to this program that gives you a reflection of Bangladesh

For Nepali : बंंगलादेश दुतावासको निमन्त्रणा


Embassy of Bangladesh invites you on Feb 21st

Posted by Livemandu on Monday, 18 February 2019

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