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Seven Days Seven Features Hamro Patro Now Available With Dark And Light Theme

Welcome to Seven days seven features. Today we have come up with a new change, a new feature of Hamro Patro.

This time the new feature is ‘personalized theme’. With time, cell phones and other devices that we use are changing. The phones are changing in their exterior and interior too. The electronic devices that we used to see before few decades are been widely changed. Isn’t it?

Web application is a field where creativity and convenience should be blended well. In context of mobiles, we need to be able to choose themes as per our desire and convenience. Importance of theme in mobile application is even more. Every button should be kept according to user’s convenience; the brightness should be adjusted according to time, the buttons shouldn’t be misleading. These all come under user interface. On the other hand, the theme used in application should be less battery consuming, it shouldn’t not emit huge amount of blue light that could create problems in user’s eye.

According to the ratio of users of Hamro Patro, they spend maximum time surfing through Hamro Patro so their convenience as well as their safety is our foremost duty. And this new theme is a step related to this duty of ours. To uplift the user experience, we have come up with various themes and the users can select theme according to their preference.

In 2018, Google one of the biggest tech companies of the world launched its new dark theme as a way to fulfill their user’s desires and to boost user’s experience in Google. These themes raise battery performances, user’s comfort that further create less burden for user’s eyes. With the aim of having best bit convenient technology Hamro Patro is now introducing 3 different themes with various features.

Light Theme: This theme is more useful for daylight. The colors placed in various corners of this theme improve its visibility.

Dark Theme: This is an alternative theme for using Hamro part at nights or when it’s not too bright. The colors present at nooks and corners of his theme makes it convenient to view at nights.

Auto: This theme changes itself according to the time and light of environment. The system changes theme itself with the help of artificial intelligence.

Choosing suitable theme for this generation that spends most of its time in front of screens and devices is very important. Companies and developers should be aware and responsible in this matter.
If your Hamro Patro app is updated, you can choose themes as per your desire by clicking the button (shape of sun) beside the refresh button in the main homepage. We are always concerned about the effects of device, user experience and visibility of our app.
We will back tomorrow with a new feature.

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