5 Best Ways To Get Help When You Feel Completely Alone!!

Brigid Shrestha
Brigid Shrestha

Loneliness is more than just a feeling which happens to all of us; finding yourself all alone in a crowd and feeling content with your own self, both are part of you as lonely. But, loneliness is not depression or anxiety that needs a proper therapy instead you can deal with it in a healthy way.

Loneliness: Understand the Term
Loneliness is the stage where a person feels unattached mentally and emotionally from every being, place and thing. Almost all of us have experienced some kind of ignorance or abandonment which causes a great sense of pain to us. Such feeling creates home to loneliness in one’s life.

Whenever we get reminded of things or situations that cause pain to us, we sense a twinge of distress which looks like loneliness. People normally find it hard to deal with the feeling of being lonely and consider themselves as the biggest reason which mostly ends them with depression and mental disorder. The sudden feelings and disappointments you feel by the way others behave will soon shatter you if you don’t analyse your true state of being. Here are 5 practices that help you to fight loneliness in the healthiest ways ever possible:

1.Always Find Someone to Reach Out!!
Whether it’s your friend, family member or a therapist, having someone to talk about your feelings is the best way of avoiding how you feel alone. A known company is far better than the unknown crowd. Most of the times overthinking made us feel bad about our self which is very brutal at times. So always try to connect as much as you can and discuss your thoughts with others to get a response in return.


2.Accept Loneliness as a feeling, not as a fact.
Sometimes you feel lonely because a memory or incident from the past visits you which doesn’t mean that you’re isolated from the world. You might often feel that nobody loves me, or I’m feeling this because I’m a loser, but that’s not true. It’s more like your brain tries to confuse feelings with facts.



3.Rethink your self-doubting thoughts
Majority of children thinks there is something wrong with them due to which they’re unhappy which is rarely a case to consider. In actual we do create self-satisfying stories for everything that we feel so to calm the way we’re responding. For example, If a child gets bullied in college, he assumes that nobody like him but which is not the case. They may have lots of fans or well-wishers, but they’re not aware of it because of the presence of shame and loneliness boundaries.



4.Use kinder tone for your own self
If others opinions about you shake your self-confidence often, then first learn to love yourself. You need to be gentle with yourself to fix negative thoughts that you’ve about you. There are chances that you feel lonely because you have this fear of letting people close to you.



5.Keep yourself busy
The best way of not feeling isolated is to keep yourself committed to some task or activity. This will not only make you feel less lonely but also enhance your productivity towards life.



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