“Choosing peace in pieces”

Mental illness is a pure anomaly and dysfunctional state of mind affairs where you find yourself unable to cope up with what you are extremely experiencing and living. Mental illness can be put into  chunks and levels of anxiety disorders, traumatic events, paralyse of one’s cognitive order and mental collapse .

The different aspects of grief and bereavement is denial, disbelief, shock, confusion, sadness, yearning ,despair, anger, revenge, relationship wreck, self critical self blame, inability to enjoy, humiliation, panic, insomnia  among others . So here we are presenting illuminated and pretty much ways to live it  and making your life worthwhile and purposeful even when you are Impregnate  deep grief.

1.Weave a honeycomb of loved people arround you.
Concentrate on the people you love and who love you back way more. Love is the only panacea of grief .These people will always give all the nourishment  you need. They have a primary concern for you and so reach out to them.

2.Crave New Experiment and Explore humans.
The childish innocence, teen excitement, youth love, elderly wisdom,  is a great connotation of natural and demanded treatment for you. Meet innocence in park. Work with young and bubbly people of passion. They are sure ways to condense your malaise.

3.Honour and Accept.
Accept all with beautiful heart and wise brain. Loose expectations. The blues, and blacks of life you experience keeps on getting darker or lovely as you season in your life.
Time ,life and love. What colours and dimensions  they have??
Just soak and honour whatever comes through. Its all natural and okay to have it.

4.Share and Communicate.
Darling, you got to unlock your raw feelings, lovely soul,  and heart has shut up deep down. The ugly feelings, will only make  you feel heavier and unloved. Communicate , just get nude with your feelings and its prejudices. Let your feelings flow, and let them absorb, you’ll feel rejuvenated  and more comfortable.

5.Practice peace and medidation
Join some spiritual  programs. You will feel relaxed  as you switch on the spiritual growth and potency in you. Life will surely  let us down and there’s no other way to escape this.

Confess your turbulence and breathe spirituality.

6.Personal Development Plan
Out figure some satisfactory plans for your development of mind and soul with rightful activities. Frame  personal goals and visionary goals. Uplift your karma and peace will chase you.

7.Be a foodist and lover
Just imagine how you would have taken care of your loved one who is suffering  from mental grief. Same is with you, Have healthy food, and sleep on right time. Let your body relax and grow during slumber hours.

8.Emotional therapy
If practicing quoted ways ,doesn’t help you. Consult some therapy, psychiatrist, or clinical Assistance.


Griefing is a natural and emotional disaster. These are unwelcomed . Give yourself and numbness enough time .Don’t paralyse the real you in you. Let it live and breathe in pure freedom and intensity.


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