The Last Letter – (Short Fiction)

The wife wrote a letter to her husband who was living abroad. She wrote “You are not here for five years. You went abroad just after one month of our wedding. You earned a lot there. The amount of money you have earned is quite enough for the rest of your life. So, get back soon to live together, please. See, going abroad to make money was your desire, not mine. I never encouraged you for that. I was quite happy with the income which you had here.”

The husband replied “I will get back when I make that amount of money which would be more than enough to build a house in Kathmandu and buy a luxurious car. Please keep the money which I have sent carefully. Making a lot of money is not a joke. Only hard work pays off.”

Writer: Bishwa Raj Adhikari

The wife wrote in her next letter “the desire to make a lot of money is endless. The more you earn the more you want to earn. The desire to earn more and more is like a disease that has no treatment. The money which you have sent is more than enough for us to live in this village. I am alone here which saves the money a little more. Having no children is another advantage to save money. That is why our expenses are limited. There are no unnecessary expenses.

Writing letters from both sides continued for two years.

But the last letter written by the wife made the husband baffled. Some of her words hit him very badly. Those words were “you glued with the money like a stamp with an envelope. There is no certainty that you are coming back home. That is why I deposited all your money in a reliable bank. I kept your valuables in a safe place as well. The money which I have deposited in the bank would give you a good return.

Whenever you get back here you can draw the money from the bank and take the valuables. Each and every property is okay because they are stored safely. So you do not need to be worried. The only thing which I cannot store is my time. My time is my own and that I can expend as I desire.”

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