An Interview with Desh Subba on ‘Trans Philosophism’

Desh Subba was born in Nepal and lives in Hong Kong. He has been writing various books in ‘Philosophy of Fearism’. His book ‘Trans Philosophism’ was published in 2021. He

A Unique Characteristic – Fiction of the week 17

God asked Narad jee ‘why did you bring me here and what do I have to see, please tell me, Narad jee?’ Narad Jee, the Rishi, from the heaven smiled

The Last Letter – (Short Fiction)

The wife wrote a letter to her husband who was living abroad. She wrote “You are not here for five years. You went abroad just after one month of our

The Covid Fate of Education; what’s next for educational institutions?

Staw Dahal- Covid-19 really did a number on everything related to human lifestyle. Everything changed from meeting people to going out to parties to our normal sleeping schedule. But one


Did the soft morning breeze that swept through the cornfields And rustled the leaves of the trees in your garden Carry my name to you? Did the hot winds that

Call it a Day

I woke up to a perfect day As a normal happy person would say, But as usual bed was too comfy to get away So for ten minutes I lay…

Philosophical Interpretation of Newton’s Laws of Motion

Modern religion needs to have a proper balance between science and philosophy. We all know the greatest three laws of motion that Newton put forward. Here is the philosophical interpretation


Seen through the meadow Grazing all the fresh She is waiting for her partner Who is ripped for the flesh…   Like a newly build house Filled with echo in

Is soul a software too?

Discussions about genetic codes are in highlights right now. And steam cell and genetic codes are being studied globally. Recently, a person was affected by HIV, during his treatment process


They say God created light But the light that shines from within you Seems to be created by you In times of desperation I search for endless answers And the